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Our Services.

At Felix Communications we are at the cutting edge of building networks. By bringing together the latest systems and equipment with our experienced team of engineers, we are able to deliver the absolute best for our customers.

Fibre Optic Services

* Fibre Cable Containment Solutions
* Fibre Connector Direct Termination
* Pre-Terminated Fibre Optic Cable Solutions
* Fibre Fusion Splicing
* Ribbon Fibre Fusion Splicing
* MTP & MPO Fibre Optic Solutions
* OTDR Fibre Testing
* OTDR Testing of Fibre Optic Splitter Solutions
* Exfo OTDR, OLTS, PMD, CD Testing

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Fibre Optic Splicing

Our dedicated engineers are able to provide a range of advanced fibre optic splicing solutions, and are on hand to assist in troubleshooting and maintenance, ensuring that you have the perfect set-up for your network requirements.

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Blown Fibre Optic

Blown fibre optic cable solutions can be a way to future proof your network and make it more easily upgradable. From high rise offices to datacenters, we use state of the art procedures to install blown fibre cables into a variety of day to day network applications.

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Full Fibre Optic Characterisation Testing Solutions

* At Felix communications we offer a complete range of fibre optic testing solutions.
* Optical Time Domain Reflection (OTDR) Testing
* Bidirectional OTDR testing
* PMD (Polarised Mode Dispersion) testing
* CD (Chromatic Dispersion) testing

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Residential & Business Works

We Can:
* Identify any issues that could jeopardise the customer receiving services
* Resolve these issues ensuring the customers can be connected to the network
* Pull the cable to the customers property ready for their installation
* Maintain existing network
* ERS (Emergency Response Service)

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We Can:
* Clear Blockages
* Repair Utilities
* Reinstatement Works
* Overlay & Trackwork
* Site Clearance

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Health & Safety is part of us.

To ensure all our employees are put at an absolute minimal risk of injury or ill health due to work commitments, we ensure each and every employee has to date training, alongside all correct PPE, which also extends to members of the public who may be affected by our operations.


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